50 Risks of Burnout Apocalypse.
50 Risks of Evil Burnout Apocalypse.

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse!

The Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! What is your first thought in the morning? Is it Work, Work, Work and more Work? Do you feel tired all the time, are you feeling depressed, is your sense of life a life without sense? 

Please reconsider to stand up at all, else it may happen that one day you will join The Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! In this article we talk about what you can do to avoid getting into this situation and what you can do to get out, if it is not too late, when you are in this situation. (if you are a zombie or an Alien, it won’t matter, but keep on reading, I know you are curious…)

Please note: it is always better to consult a doctor if you find yourself in this situation. This article may help you in your journey to improve your self well being. Continue to read this article, one day It will save your life or that of others.

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! Cross The Edge!

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse
The Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse Will Destroy Your Life.

How far are you willing to go to ignore this condition building up in you? Everyone is affected, everyone is coping with it, if it has not already tear you down till death. Nowadays we live and work in a modern society.

It is very common to do more work in a shorter amount of time. If this is healthy for you or the business you work for is another question. It can harm both sides. You will have your work limit not under control, you will do more, add more and more and there is no end, till it reaches its limit, your limit.

The limit where you are going to push yourself over the edge. In many cases this ends deadly. It can also end in a slow self-destruct condition affecting others too in the process, mostly your loved ones.

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! Alien Mastermind Blender!

Alien Mastermind Blender
Evil Nasty Alien Mastermind Blender has many evil plans to enslave the human race.

The Aliens came up with a superb new evil plan how to destroy the human civilization. Rumors go around The Evil Nasty Alien Mastermind Blender from Alpha Centaur Prime is behind this plan.

It is a big problem on our Planet Wealthy Earth, where many humans are not aware off nor want to believe that we are not alone out here. Many see Aliens as a fantasy story to get attention from others. (Well it works, doesn’t it?).

Special Agent Moonwalker, our Reporter of The Daily WA, is profiling Blender after she found out he was also responsible for the enslavement of the cats living on Planet Wealthy Earth.*

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse? What Is It All About?

It is an Alien infection with the goal to push you to your working limits. The best way to accomplish this is to let you do work you love the most and therefore you won’t refuse, then over time they give you more and more tasks, while you are ongoing slowly you will be given more tasks which you do not love.

It will force you to:

  • Stay longer at work
  • Work till late into the night
  • Work at home
  • Work in your free weekends
  • Work during driving your car (3% die from accidents during working in their car

Then the final moment will come, where you will collapse. For a short time the human body can cope with this kind of stress. However too much work over a too long period of time, especially long working times and short or no sleeping hours, will cause so much stress that your body will slowly but surely collapse and with that you will cease to exist as a human being.

That brings up the conspiracy theory that the Evil Nasty Alien Mastermind Blender maybe tries exactly to accomplish this by turning enslaved humans into Aliens to serve even more, as a loyal army doing anything and everything being ordered too.

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! Alien Soul Catchers!

Alien Soul Catchers collect your soul after dead!
Alien Soul Catchers are waiting to catch your soul after you died!

From one of our sources we heard there are Alien Soul Catchers, who are not visible to Humans and are waiting for you to die so they can catch your soul and use it for an Evil Alien Weapon the Aliens plan to use against us.

It appears to be a mind control weapon which is used on the masses to influence them to do certain actions. A possible effect of such a weapon could be an unexpected mass revolt against Government and other institutions.

More investigation needs to be done as current information is inclusive.

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! How Does It Start?

Evil Aliens are trying to drive you to your limits by following promotions:

  • Work faster faster faster, work faster or you lose your job
  • Give you 2 or more Job positions to complete, although you signed up for one and only get paid for one
  • Give you tasks you are not qualified for, and give you not the trainings needed to complete the task according to fulfill this job accordingly
  • Due to the work pressure, your family, friends and colleagues don’t see nor understand you and think you are acting like an Alien and with this they do not give you the social support you need to survive the pressure from work
  • Instead of loving your job, now you hate your job each and every day, it is the beginning of the end

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! Which Deaths Are There?

Sickness and death are indirect results of the Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse!
Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse can cause sickness and death.
  1. Executive Alien Burnout (Execution deaths affects persons in leading positions, mostly politicians)
  2. Overeating Alien Burnout (death by overeating)
  3. Black-Out Death Burnout (black-out turning you into a dead zombie Alien**)
  4. High Speed Burnout (death by continues playing Burnout on a computer)
  5. Stupidity Burnout (death by Brainlessness)
  6. Suicide Burnout (death by Suicide)
  7. Sudden Death by Heart Attack Strikes

Besides of death some humans get invalid after a bleeding brain attack and so much disabled that a normal work nor life is possible. This condition is even worse as death. Biggest issue with this sickness is that they get often left alone with their condition. Other Humans will snap and get crazy.

They often go on a killing spree rampage. They go killing The Evil Aliens (might sound good you think at the first moment), but in the process they often kill innocents too and at the very end, they are killing themselves. Effects of stress are so severe that in most cases your family will suffer extremely because of your condition.

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! Take Immediate Action!

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse Symptoms
Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse affected humans show many symptoms.

If you suffer of any of these 50 symptoms mentioned below, you are at high risk and you should take immediate action! The Human Suicide rate is at 5-10%!

Do not wait until it is too late. If you are an Alien reading this, no worries, your symptoms are supposed to be normal.

Wait you do not know if you are an Alien? Rest assured we will help you out with the help of Fard Industries finding a way to how to tell you might be an Alien!

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! Your 50 Risks!

  1. You feel useless
  2. You think you are useless and a failure
  3. You have no self esteem
  4. You are tired all the time
  5. You cannot sleep during the night nor day
  6. You cannot sleep at all and you start to believe to be a zombie
  7. You forgot where you put your keys
  8. You forgot where you put your cat
  9. You forget names of friends you believe to know (none Aliens / zombies)
  10. You forget what day it is today
  11. You forget what day it is tomorrow
  12. You cannot concentrate when your lover asks something from you
  13. You think you cannot think
  14. You think you lost your brain
  15. You think you lost your mind
  16. You believe you see ghosts
  17. You believe you see Aliens
  18. Your family thinks you are an Alien
  19. You think any of your family member is an Alien
  20. You think everybody else is an Alien
  21. You think you are an Alien
  22. You think Dr Fard is an Alien
  23. You think all cats are Aliens
  24. You believe Steaks are Aliens
  25. You are not able to focus on anything
  26. You are snapping over every little thing
  27. You stop eating
  28. You over eat yourself
  29. You crave for sweeties 24 hour a day
  30. You drink 5 liter coffee a day
  31. Your body feels like on steroids
  32. Your body hurts on the most unusual places
  33. Your head starts to pound regularly
  34. You lose interest in any sport
  35. You lose interest in any social activity
  36. You lose social connections
  37. You are frustrated all the time
  38. You feel hopelessness
  39. You are a poor team player in every activity
  40. You start acting as an aggressive Road Racer
  41. You love speed and so you try to push your car to its limits
  42. You believe corners are straight so you fly through the corners
  43. Your car is like a driving discotheque
  44. You feel the need to play crash and carry on the road
  45. You start drinking 24 hours a day
  46. The Fire department removed the cigar smoking screens from your home
  47. You take Alien Shrooms in the hope you can escape your faith
  48. Finally you understand how to be a rolling stoned
  49. You believe you can fly by jumping from a building
  50. On your way down you suddenly can remember you forgot your parachute
Yoga can help to avoid Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse!
Avoid Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse by Yoga!

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! How To Avoid!

What can you do to avoid being a part of this Evil Alien Plan?

  • Stand up for yourself
  • Do not more as you can manage
  • Say No, Not More
  • Offer a choice what your Alien Pusher can have and what not
  • Share your work with others
  • Exercise more, go swimming
  • Meditate, try Yoga
  • Medicine, like the famous Anti-Alien Burnout Glue can suppress your symptoms but are not a solution to heal your Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse, please contact your Doctor first before you start any special Glue Medication. You can also contact Dr. Moony or Dr. Jen, from the One Blue Glue Tech Corporation for availability of this medication in your country.
Medical doctor to heal your Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse.
If you have any of the mentioned symptoms go see your doctor and let this article help you on your way out.

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! Is It Too Late for You?

What to do if it already happened or you are shortly before this edge?

Seek Medical Help, do not wait till it is too late, you will collapse. Your doctor will work out a plan with your for your recovery, having a Nurse nursing you may also speed up your recovery. We advise you to write a journey of your experiences and your days while you work on your recovery.

Your recovery will be slow, but will come with help, expect minimum a year, it can even take longer, it depends from person to person and the sereneness of your condition.  Get a pet, cats or dogs are very helpful and friendly allies helping us through this difficult time.

Drone Resistance Fighter
Join the Drone Resistance Fighters and fight of evil Aliens!

Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse! The Conclusion!

Live Every Day of Your Life like it is your last, no work is worth risking your life. For any survivors who wants to help to fight off this Evil Alien Burnout Apocalypse, you can join The Organization of Alien Resistance Fighters, and support sub-devisions like the well known Drone Hunters.

Spread This Message, Help Yourselves, Help Saving Others!

* see our upcoming article: Catwalk Invasion! How Cats Spy on Humans!

** see our upcoming Chronicles: Aliens of The Walking Dead


The Joker, Editor in Chief of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate


  1. Ha Ha.
    Very entertaining. On a serious note, though, we all do need to watch out for burnout in any form, hey?
    Keep up the good work, and keep those aliens at bay. (They can do as they like with the cats though, LOL)

    • Hello Thomas,

      You are a great experiencer and survivor so far. We need to keep a burnout under control and act when we see it is getting too much. We are doing our best to keep the aliens busy. Have you seen any alien cat recently? Dr. Fard lost his one….

      The Joker, Editor in Chief

  2. Ha Ha.
    Very droll, but with a serious undertone.
    There needs to be more of this on the ‘net these days. Some folks take themselves way too seriously.
    It makes a change to see a light-hearted take with a serious message.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Life should be fun, everything we do should be fun. Hmmm can a burnout be fun too? We are continuing with bringing you the latest news and developments on any alien activity on our planet Wealthy Earth. Feel free to inform us about sightings on your planet. We might be able to help you out.

      The Joker, Editor in Chief

  3. Interesting article I have ever come across. With the modern day like us today, we often want to work and work and as you mentioned, not doing enough. Sometimes, we blame ourselves for not doing good and want to achieve more and by working longer hours. I can see more youngster study at Starbucks during weekend, instead of relaxing at bench and enjoying outdoor activities.
    Our society has become so engrossed with work. It is really not healthy. Success always measure us by how much we earn, what car we drive and what house we are staying, instead of what characters we have inside us.
    Time to stay alert to our inner self.
    Recently I started exercising to keep my body relax, doing simple stretching exercise every morning after I wake up. Similar to yoga, it will help to ease my body stress.
    Also I read book to calm my mind at night so I have a peaceful sleep.

    • Hi Typ,

      There is a plan all behind this, our opinion is that on our planet Wealthy Earth the aliens want to change the world and let all only work for wealth and then bham they will come and take it all away. Then all those who worked so hard for it lost it all and are in the end even providing to a more sinister plan, to let them fill the aliens pockets with all the products and services they are going to need to recover from the damages they incur.

      And after they are healed they start to repeat the cycle by working, working and working again for as long they are staying in the grip of their alien masters. Rest assured we are investigating and have taken up the fight against our alien oppressors. Luckily we have many businesses who are actively supporting their workers with all the fun and relaxation they need to keep work and happiness in balance. That is the best way for both sides and it increases even the productivity of the businesses.

      The Joker, Editor in Chief

  4. That was not what I expected, lol. However, I think you make excellent points. I’ve never been one for a regular job, but when I take jobs for other people, I never like to do it for long. I get bored and anxious and annoyed. It’s so much better to set up your own business and make a living that way! In my opinion, anyone who feels burned out should be getting out.

    • Hi Genesis,

      Is that an alien mothership name? Hmmm…. So with getting out, you mean into space? We have some space wellness stations in orbit. Do you think that is a good idea?

      The Joker, Editor in Chief


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