Crappy Readers, Do NOT Read, Do NOT answer!

a reader not interested in reading your blog
not reading your post is what we call a crappy reader

Do NOT Read, Do NOT answer! Crappy Readers Rant!

Start Rant:

Firs things first, if you plan not to read this blog, please leave, and take your crappy answers with you. Thank You!

End Rant.


To Read or NOT to Read, That is The Everyday’s Question!

This article describes the way some students react on blogs at the Campus of the Wealthy Affiliate University. Every time you post a blog and or a question you think you clearly described your topic, so your readers can understand the meaning of everything.

The meaning of life. The meaning why they come to your post to read and answer your question in the first place. Helping you and themselves in the quest to find financial freedom with The Wealthy Affiliate University.

But what if those readers just look at your title and then think they know the answer to everything already? They come with the most strange assumptions and answers. Maybe these are aliens, who do not know better?

Examples of Headlines & Crappy Answers:

Fingerpointing at yourself
Can you remember how to point your finger at yourself?

How to Point The Finger Game at Amazon?

Reader: I can point my finger at myself. What a pointless question!

Green frog
If you talk like a frog, it doesn’t mean you are one.

Too Much to Learn in One Session, Frog in My Throat!

Reader: Oh my God, he has a frog in his throat and calls 911, who storms your house 10 minutes later and pushes you down to take that frog out of your throat.

Have you ever wondered for what you use a hand scanner?

Possible to Scan for External Links in Blogs and Block?

Reader: I will send the writer of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate a hand scanner so he can scan his links in the front from his screen.

Singing husky
Does your husky sing too?

How Woowoo are You? Experience With Woocommerce?

Reader: I am very woowoo, I sing many woowoo songs with my Husky dog and I am planning to bring out my first woowoo song as a commercial single.

Keyboard layout
Keyboard layouts are defined by country code, but if you forgot, just type the layout.

Which Keyboard Layout are You Using?

Reader: 1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;’zxcvbnm,./!@#$%^&*()_+QWERTYUIOP{}|ASDFGHJKL:”ZXCVBNM<>?

Tape on your head
Taping yourself is the latest rage in fashion.

Is Using Smelly Tape Making You Stupid?

Reader: I put tape on me! What did you say?

Nose tipping with your tongue
Hitting your nose with your tongue is a real art, have you ever tried?

Can You Hit Your Nose With Social Media?

Reader: Look I can hit my nose!

A white screen
If your screen shows only a white area, it is definitively defect.

PC Problem? What Can You See on Your Monitor?

Reader: I have a Yellow and a Pink post-it on my screen.


These are just some of those examples out of real life, but you get the point. And have you ever experienced such replies to your blog posts and if yes, how do you interact with your reader?

Leave your comments below.


The Joker, Editor in Chief of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate


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