Boyinaband CERN Universe Rap by Dave Lens feat. ViHart


Boyinaband CERN Universe Rap Scale of the Universe

CERN Universe Boyinaband rap is about everything what you wanted to know about CERN. Filmed at CERN and the LHC.

From what we know from Dr. Fard’s standpoint: our Universe is in parallel connection to other Universes, where life is similar to ours, however other worlds may have a completely different technology and life. Even our doubles can be completely different personalities.

Zero Alien life form on Planet Zeplozarra
Zero is an Alien life form from the Planet Zeplozarra

Dr. Fard had a long talk with Zero, an Alien life-form from the Planet Zeplozarra, who has traveled through time and space and visited Planet Earth a while ago. He explained Dr. Fard that there are many similarities to our Planet Wealthy Earth. One of them is CERN, in our Universe called: “DIMRA” Dimensional Rift Accelerator. Although he said in our Universe we are able to use DIMRA to open up a portal to the other Earth and other dimensions.

Zero warned that it may cause a risk as the portal may cause fluctuations in the time continuum and cause little rifts to other dimensions, where beings may slip through. Zero said too less is known about those beings. However Zero is willing to share the technology to help the people on Planet Wealthy Earth.

Dr. Fard will need some very rare crystals, before he will be able to build this portal. We will need to find out, where these crystals can be found. Zero explained what he knows of CERN from the other Planet called Earth. CERN on Planet Earth is used for scientific research about the creation of the Universe. Particle accelerators and detectors are used to record the results of the collision of the particles. CERN was founded in 1954.

If you like to read more about CERN from Planet Earth, you can follow the link below.

Here is the vocal version of CERN Universe Rap by Boyinaband. Enjoy!


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  1. Ok, so when do we get to meet Zero? I would love to interview him regarding creating a rift in the space-time continuum. Of course, there may be no going back (or blocking what comes through). But it would still be a very intriguing conversation about how different the dimensions are. 

    Boyinaband doing a video at CERN is insane.  My son also liked it. He heard the video while I was watching it and came over to look. He wants to know do you have a show he could look at. Something like Bill Nye? 

  2. What a great revelation, personally I find this post quite challenging to me as I have not yet learned into the deep of the universe yet.

    To get such information creates some thoughts in me that perhaps there is another world called earlier that is similar to our earth, this make it even more critical to understand. 

    I always like to learn something new on a daily basis, for today I choose to dive good and deep into this post via the link provided to learn even more. Thank you for creating such a post it will remain a good thought until I learn more about it.

    Thank you.

    From Joy.


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