Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind!
The mind is like a monkey running around. Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind!

Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind! Horse Will!

Have you ever had some free time and you didn’t know what to do with yourself? Did you have these minutes in your life, when you felt a sudden panic, because you didn’t know what to do next? Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind! Horse Will! This is a symptom we all suffer from!

Well since I took my job to be a reporter for The Daily Wealthy Affiliate, I am not only writing articles, but I am also on missions to fight of nasty Aliens trying to conquer the world. That keeps me busy, however sometimes, when I am in my office and everyone is out, I get those panic attacks not to know what to do with myself, although there is enough work.

There is a good method how you can overcome such a situation. Has anyone of you ever tried meditation? If you did, you know what I’m talking about. We want to be kept busy. We want to have a purpose in life, and feel like we are always in charge. During meditation, we are supposed to observe our mind and see what it does.

Try it and you will see what I mean. Continue reading, I will teach you here. The whole time you will probably have thousands of thoughts going through your mind. Your job is it to be observant, mindful and not to get carried away into dreamland.

Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind!
Meditation is the key, I keep the door closed as Monster likes to do a hit and run seeing me like this! Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind!

That’s How Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind Works!

Your mind is always trying to get away, to places of enjoyment or unhappiness, when you have experienced past enjoyments or past painful experiences. Or your mind is busy in making plans for your future, things you have to do. Your inner voice from your monkey mind never stops!

It is the same with the horse will. You cannot control your horses. Nor pull them into the direction you want them to go. That is why we struggle with bad habits, procrastination or trying to over-achieve.

We cannot overcome ourselves to do what we are supposed to do, what is good for us. We live mundane lives because of that and we cannot be highly successful because of that. Now we are not in control and life is just driving us around pretty much based on our past karma and the causes and effects of that.

Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind!
Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind! Can we rein in the horse will?

Taming Monkey Mind, Mastering Monkey Mind! Curb and Rein?

If we try to curb the monkey mind, or rein in the horse will, the opposite happens. The more we try to exercise our conscious control, the more out-of-hand the monkey and the horse is going to get.

Why is it impossible to stop the monkey mind?

Because you are forcing yourself. And we know brute force will not work on something as tricky like our mind. Yes, our minds are very tricky. Our mind will try ways and means to get away from your control.

The only way to quiet the monkey mind and horse will!

Observe them. See where they are going. But do not follow them. Allow them to come back and taunt you again (they will try it over and over again). At first, you keep losing sight of them. Maybe you will get impatient and give up.

Don’t give up observing them. Keep on doing it.

Until one day, you can follow them exactly. Every movement, every moment.

That is the day you wake up.

The day you wake up and become fully mindful of your monkey mind and horse will, that will be the day when you become the controller, the driver of your life.

That will be the day of enlightenment.

Just like the Buddha did.


 Agent Moonwalker, Special Agent Reporter of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate


  1. Hi Agent Moonwalker,

    I really enjoyed your article on Monkey Mind and as a Coach, you are so right, a lot of stupid messages enter our heads and when we learn to meditate and control what we listen to, only then will calm descend into our heads
    You have explained this so well with your informative and engaging way of writing so thank you so much.

  2. Hi Vicki,

    Sounds like you have some experience in meditation. Congratulations on taking the first step. Not many people are even inclined to start and I have known many who gave it up after a while. If you have been practising regularly, maybe you could give our readers here some tips on how to sustain it?


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