Why Do We Procrastinate? The One and Only Reason!

Co-edited by The Joker, Editor in Chief

why do we procrastinate and how to stop procrastinating and start living
How do I stop procrastinating now

Why Do We Procrastinate?

I will do this later…. tomorrow… next week… next year…

Does it sound familiar to you? All these are just excuses and if we read between the lines, there is one… only one reason why we do this all the time and that is….

Why Do We Procrastinate: We Think We Have Enough Time!

These few days i was so sick that i thought i was dying… my body is not functioning as it should…. my brain is befuddled.. basically totally out of action.

That’s when i started to think if this is my last day alive on Planet Wealthy Earth…. the things i have postponed to do… the sense of time I have lost…. one of them kick some McTeddy flying through the air….

Ever heard of the urgent vs important quadrant theory?

If I’m dying that could shift a lot of priorities and at the same time it would immediately cure me of any procrastination. Because if i do not do it now… i won’t do it ever, surely not when I’m gone….

When I know I’m alive, I’m grateful even with the hot sweltering sun shining on me. I’m happy because I’m uncomfortable, because I’m still alive to feel uncomfortable.

A dead corpse would not feel the sun, nor pain, nor terror.. not even a needle poked through my skin. I would feel nothing at all if I’m dead and buried underground or during cremation, when my body is being burnt to ashes at a temperature of 900 ºC.

So I realize one thing, if you do not take care of yourself… either the hospital bills will, or the funeral parlor will…isn’t that a cheerful thought?

Why Do We Procrastinate: This is a morbid post..

Written, when i think of myself on the deathbed…

(I’m curious, do people die of flu? This is a bacterial infection i had) but my mind being so fuzzy i almost had a traffic accident on the road (and i was walking), so I could still die of a flue by being knocked down by a car. Does that make any sense at all?

So we could get killed in a number of ways:

  • by accident
  • from illness
  • through suicide
  • from old age and natural causes
  • by murder and other hate crimes
  • through attack by an alien or troll
  • from falling junk from Space
  • and so much more….
So if my illness didn’t kill me, maybe an accident will. We never know. So what did i do while lying in bed and thinking am I going to die? First I didn’t want to go to sleep… what if i never wake up? Secondly I took out my rosary beads and began chanting “Om Mani Padme Hum” I want to meditate myself into the next world.
why do we procrastinate and how to stop procrastinating and start living
Meditate clears your mind and helps you to stop procrastinate 

So Why Do We Procrastinate?

Back to procrastination…

Today i set one goal… to nurse myself back to health… get myself up and running again. I still have tons of unfinished business…. i must at least complete some before i die. And those are many of the articles I write for you here at The Daily Wealthy Affiliate Novel Newspaper!

And then there is the like, say thanks to everyone and everything, and say goodbye. Now you might be in a perfect good state of health, so why is this post even relevant to you? We are all dying, whether it’s tomorrow, today, in 80 or 90 years down the road.

Dying Is Inevitable

Why Do We Procrastinate: Dying Is Inevitable

There is a saying that everyday when we go to sleep and wake up again the next day, we are actually experiencing small deaths. We died everyday and become alive again the next day… until the day, when finally, we do not wake up.

When we know we are running out of time, will we still procrastinate?No way.So let us contemplate this truth everyday, every hour, every minute, every second. It will help us set our priorities right.

And as i write I’m feeling sleepy again, so I’m going for another death experience now.


And see you at my next post…

If there is none, then see you in the next life…


Agent Moonwalker, Special Agent Reporter of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate


  1. Respect time.
    To make time, to use time, to waste time all happen in a day.
    The truth has been spoken.
    Time lies at the root of all procrastination.
    Thank you for reminding us … some of us never thought of it that way and wasted illions of time … but it is the truth.

  2. Value of time vs value of leisure, weigh it against each other. Hear it from Zero, he will tell you the value of time as he has transcended the different galaxies. Does time matter? Yes. Does he procrastinate? No. Never a moment to lose on this planet.


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