Embers & Dust By DUST

The War of the Worlds is just the beginning.


“Embers & Dust” by Patrick Biesemans Movie Review

We write the year 1938, the year where Orson Welles voice traveled on the radio informing the population of an alien invasion from Mars. The day was October 30. At that time many believed it was true and had so much fear that some even took there lives to avoid capture. After the radio show it was said just to be a story, like an audio book.

We know this story all too well, besides of watching movies many team members love to listen to audio books, we will even make our own, for you, at least that is planned, so you can listen to your favorite story on your mobile or on your local computer should you have no time for reading.

We also love reading books, we prefer scifi, comedy and education, because if it is funny we will remember and what is there better as funny education, laugh and learn at the same time. Many of us struggle to get any free time to enjoy some good time reading for themselves, but in todays society more and more people do not have this free time anymore as we are supposed to work more in lesser time. And that brings us then back to us, here you will find information to learn and at the same time you can enjoy our story world with their special characters and that every day.

This movie is about a curious young boy going into the forest and has there the adventure of his lifetime, the story tells about this alien invasion, also called: “The War of the Worlds”.

Every week we will have some video reviews, but we will only bring you the best of the best, making sure your valuable time will not be wasted.

If you like to find out more about the maker of this movie, you can use the link below to visit their website.


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