Top Secret Extraterrestrial Textapedia


Top Secret Extraterrestrial Textapedia

This Top Secret Extraterrestrial Textapedia will help you to use the right texting in any communication form. During our investigations bringing the news to you we have discovered a special form of communication from aliens and humans.

Besides of that, here you can find back the Textings used in all our stories. Feel free to communicate with your friends, humans and aliens in using our Textapedia. We will update our Textapedia on a regular base with more lingo.

Numbers & Letters

3A = Absolutely Awesome Amazing

Letter A

AIRL = Aliens In Real Life

AHK = Alien Hunter Rank (SAO Online Basics)

ALIMBY = Aliens Landed In My Back Yard

AS = Alien Strike

ASS = Alien Search Skills (SAO Online Basics)

ATB = Atoms To Beam (Clone Production of Dr. Fard)

ATC = Alien On The Chat

ATP = Alien On The Phone

Letter B

BBA = Bye Bye Alien

BRB = Be Right Back

Letter C

Letter D

DIMRA = Dimensional Rift Accelerator (Boyinaband CERN Universe Rap)

Letter E

EOA = End of Aliens

Letter F

Letter G

Letter H

Letter I

Letter J

Letter K

Letter L

LYLAA = Love You Like An Alien

Letter M

MMAG = Massively Multiplayer Alien Game (Sea Thieves Game a Shanty Rap)

Letter N

Letter O

OMYGA = Oh My God Aliens!

Letter P

Letter Q

Letter R

RBTA = Read Between The Alien

Letter S

SA = Sounds Awesome

SAO = Search Alien Optimization (SAO Online Basics)

Letter T

TMA = Too Much Alien

TTYL = Talk To You Later

Letter U

UI = User Interface

UX = User Experience

Letter V

Letter W

WOA = Watch Out Aliens

WOD = Watch Out Drones

WOM = Watch Out Monsters

WOO = Watch Out Overseers

WOT = Watch Out Trolls

Letter X

XAXA = Alien Hugs and Alien Kisses

Letter Y

Letter Z



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