What Is Hyper-Reality?


Hyper-Reality by DUST

Hyper-Reality is a movie made by Keiichi Matsuda. How could life look like in a world with altered augmented reality? Will the technology be a help or can it be a trap too? What if there is a glitch or error in the system? Watch it and find out. Everything is fine!

Hyper-Reality is a topic that interests Dr. Fard very much. He sees many similarities to the dream machine, you can read more about that in our upcoming story The Dream Experiment; learn while you sleep. He thinks this technology can be adapted to help you learn, while you are awake on a subconscious level. That sounds absolutely amazing. Can you imagine you do your daily things and without noticing you are learning and all the sudden you know everything about flying a drone, cooking a chicken or how to fight like a ninja?

I asked Dr. Fard when he thinks to be ready. My wishful thinking got quickly disappointed as Dr. Fard said he is making schematics and working on his so called “theories” and he has no idea when he will be able to build the first experimental machine for this. Yeah, typical Dr. Fard, I should have known. Most of the time a lot of air coming from his side. He is unpredictable as sometimes he comes with his newest inventions. I guess time will tell when and if at all he will build any kind of machine like that.

He also mentioned he will first have to test it on animals to see the effects. The human brain is far more complicated then those of the animals. Anyway we will keep you posted about any further development. Enjoy the movie and feel free to leave your comments below.


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  1. Awesome cool video! Love the VR feel as well as the light bulbs on top of the people. Any gamer would recognize the setting! Great narration at the end of the video.

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