How To Write The Best Article Ever!

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Employ emotions how to write the best article ever!
Doing research how to write the best article ever!

Be Amazed! How To Write The Best Article Ever!

Today is Tuesday and after a turbulent Monday, today The Joker asked me to write an article about how to write the best article ever! Well I had to think, as many of my articles are the best, so how do your define best from less best or not best at all? Did he find articles of which he thinks they are less best?

Alright then let me write about it and show him so he understands that all my articles are the best. I wonder why he writes Co-edited so many times above my posts. He surely just wants to show me he is interested in my articles, somehow cute don’t you think? Ok let’s get started.

It Is Every Writer’s Dream to Write Something That Leaves a Legacy!

the joker is a hero his legacy being a hero and a pilot
Be a Legacy be a Hero, like The Joker of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate!

I have always wondered, how to write the best article ever, that was when I met The Joker and our fantastic team, and how much effort is needed. Do I need to do research? Maybe a critique? Or perhaps a grammar teacher?

Yes that were those first days starting writing for The Daily Wealthy Affiliate Novel Newspaper. Maybe these questions could help you too in writing a good article, but it will not be the key factor, later more.

So what is the secret? I stumbled upon the answer accidentally when I did an experiment. Dr. Fard was all ears, he loves experiments. Normally he conducts them in his secret lab deep under the mountains in Switzerland, so he was eager to look what I was up too.

How To Write The Best Article Ever! Strong Emotions!

The best way of writing is, when you have strong emotions about your topic. Yes even when you get mad about The Joker’s comments. It helps a lot as your brain cells start working to find out, why he makes those comments at you, I know now he only wants to help. So just think back to the time when you are especially happy or angry or afraid!


how to write the best article ever, inject emotions
I almost broke my teeth!

When you have strong feelings like these, the images and sensations are etched into your memory forever. It will make a deep impression on you and you can probably recall word for word everything that anyone has said. Ring a bell? Get these strong feelings down on paper. You felt anger? That will probably burn up your paper.

how to write the best article ever with strong emotions
I always remember what I felt at that time!

Did you feel envious? Did you made others turn green too, when you described the exact feeling you had?

How you gnashed your teeth, eyes popping out and heart beating fast? You should have seen Dr Fard’s reaction, that was funny!

Affect your readers and give them your feelings too.

passion lights up your article, how to write your best article ever
Hey there, look who’s talking now?

So always, when you are writing, inject your first emotions into it. If you feel strongly about something, have a passion for it, let it affect you emotionally, put it in your article and that will be your best article ever. Give a refreshing viewpoint in your article, be honest, be candid. Write as if you are talking to yourself. Like I do now.

Look at James Altucher, some of his articles just make no sense (my 2 cents to it). When reading his articles, sometimes I even felt like he didn’t organize his thoughts nor put them into a certain order.

In school we were taught how to write an essay. The structure usually goes like this:
  1. Opening paragraph / introduction to your topic
  2. Body: supporting paragraphs, sub-headings and sub-sub-headings
  3. Conclusion: A summary of what the essay is about

Isn’t that what we learnt and how we usually write articles?

Let’s just forget about those structure rules and look at ‘James’ work again. Despite him writing in such a “disorganized manner” (just to clarify, this is not meant to be taken negatively), his articles are accepted, even well-loved by a lot of people.

Why is that?

If you read his words, you would see that it is like he is putting his own thoughts down on paper, as if we are reading his journals. Often I find his words brutally honest.

Therefore we enjoy it.

I call this raw and rare writing, to be savored in its purest form!

So How To Write The Best Article Ever? 6 Simple Steps!

How To Write The Best Article Ever!
How to write the best article ever? Try the funny way!
  1. Inject your feelings, your emotions and thoughts into it. Be personal, be honest and write from your heart;
  2. Use more of your right brain rather than your left brain (ask Dr. Fard for more clarity);
  3. The left brain can come in later, after you have gotten the raw draft out;
  4. You can refine and edit it later to make it an easier read. Same goes for the word count, crafting of your heading etc;
  5. But never edit the tone, the voice and the heartfelt feelings. That is the most truthful, when you first put them down;
  6. Never short-change yourself, your writing, nor your readers.

Follow these simple steps and you shall see, that will be your best article ever!


Agent Moonwalker, Special Agent Reporter of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate


  1. Writing that article definitely can take some practice. I first got my site going about a month ago and I can see the improvement from my first 10 posts and my 10 most recent posts. It’s all starting to feel more natural and even easy to do. I learned a few things in your article that I will keep in mind and use that in my future articles. I’m ready to see myself get even better with my articles. Thanks for your info.

    • Hy Ty,

      Agent Moonwalker asked me to have a look at your comment, she is on missions all the time to catch some badass aliens ever since. So how does it go for you? Would your require more help in this, just give us a shout and we might be able to help you finding your way writing your Best article ever.

      The Joker, Editor in Chief

  2. Congratulations on your site! You are definitely working hard and it’s great to hear your improvements. Look forward to reading your posts.

    • Are you talking to yourself Agent Moonwalker? Must be the heat that you oversaw that reply to Ty.

      Try some coffee with chocolates. Oh that reminds me, did you get me some and could you find out what happened to the other 20 pack you bought? I asked McTeddy, but he didn’t see a thing…

  3. Hi Agent Moonwalker,

    Your article was interesting because it touched on an important issue am so often challenged with. When it comes to writing an article I find it quite a hustle, sometimes ideas flow sometimes they don’t. I like the idea of putting your emotions to it. I interpret this as the kind of passion you have in whatever you want to communicate.


  4. Hi Oscar,

    Many writers have written about “finding your voice”, and this is probably it. Your voice has to come from your heart and you have emotions. Let them flow and when your articles are infused with your emotions, it will be more natural and touching.

    • Hi Agent Moonwalker,

      It’s like finding coffee beans, where is my coffee? Yeah I know you are on a mission, but I also know you pop in to see what your fans are writing as comments. So once you see this message, perhaps you can do some analyses where my coffee beans are.

      Thank you.

      The Joker, Editor in Chief

  5. Best advice to put emotion and passion into what you write, thank you!
    Visitors reading will sense the honesty and sincerity coming from your heart.
    Thanks for fresh ideas.
    Bush Lady

  6. Hi Agent Moonwalker!

    I love your energy. Your sense of humor and personality are just oozing from this post and your site in general.

    In this post, you offer some great tips on how to write great blog posts. It can be gleaned from this article that bloggers should never lose site of their personalities and who they are when writing. Sometimes, when sharing information, we forget to let our personalities shine through and that can get boring!

    So thanks for reminding me of this. I need to go edit some posts now!



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