Esti Ayempi Chill-Out Album Vol 1 & 2

Chill Out Music For Your Depressive State!


Music By Darkus Marque

Young woman listens to Chill Out music.
Chill out music is ideal to relax.

Enjoy some awesome chill-out / chill-hop / jazz / lounge music from Darkus Marque, the album is called Esti Ayempi.

Darkus Marque made the vast majority of his music with several music programs. Besides of working with internal sounds provided by the music programs, he also used samples from television programs and movies. To make the visual more attractive, he decided to do some creative tests with album volume 2. You can see the result. Instead of a still photo you can see now animated rain.

In the future he plans to make a short animation inspired from both albums here. To get this done he is experimenting with visual mechanics. He has made animations already. Go have a look at Alien Continuum, it is an amazing movie.

Esti Ayempi Volume 1

The full title is: Music for your low-key depressive state to chill to, while the rest of your self gets on with the practical business of pretending everything is fine.


00:01 – Moonlit Misunderstandings
04:16 – Not Grieving
06:41 – Boy on a Bike
10:08 – Winter Blue
14:21 – The Blossom That Falls
16:48 – Slowed
18:50 – Outsidership
21:45 – Fading
23:58 – Out There Doesn’t Matter
28:03 – Settle-Downer

Esti Ayempi Volume 2

The full title is: Music to look sideways at a bad night’s sleep to.

After having completed volume one Dakus Marque decided to bring more solace to volume 2 as volume 1 sounded too much cathartic. The result is a much better combination of different sound tracks. I think volume 2 is much better than volume 1. I very much enjoy his music.


00:01 – Blunt Opinion
02:47 – What If I Just Packed A Bag And Ran?
06:51 – With The Warmth Of The Sun Comes The Cold Light Of Day
09:06 – Wishing On A Blah
11:48 – Headphones Be Armour
13:55 – Laughing At Some Dark Shit
16:02 – Paper Thin
18:42 – Foetalesque Positions In The Dark
21:21 – Let It Rain
24:01 – Sunday 4:00AM
27:14 – Embraciated
29:39 – End Of The Day

Enjoy and have a relaxed time, like I do, it is weekend now, everyone is at home, the perfect start for a relaxed time off. Let me know if you liked the music in your comments below.


The Joker, Editor in Chief


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