Dan Bull Civilization Epic Rap

To demonstrate his never-ending dedication


Dan Bull Civilization Epic Rap

Dan Bull made this Civilization epic rap video in the year 2013. He likes to rap about geeky things.

It remembers us a lot about McTeddy and his geeky behavior. So we asked him if he knows about his Teddy Bear civilization. McTeddy was like “Civi what?” like he never heard about it. Well yeah how can he, as he was not aware to be aware and get aware to live in our reality in the first place. Remains the question in what reality he was, while he was a lovely plush bear only. McTeddy said it was all like a dream and all the sudden he woke up in our reality. He remembered me holding him and he remembered sitting on my bed all day.

However, he said he also remembers many Teddy Bear faces and he believes they must be somehow family. I told McTeddy that he has a huge family of Teddy Bears and other plush all sitting in a large room and waiting for a new home. I just don’t have the time to look after them as I am writing our Novel Newspaper now. On my question if McTeddy likes to take care of them, he answered right away “yeeeeeeees”.

Some weeks later I asked McTeddy how far he got with his project. He said he has decided to find a new home for all of them. So he created the McTeddy Foster Home Care adoption center. He will gift them to those who will help us by funding our Novel Newspaper. I told McTeddy that is a wonderful idea and we will do so.

So my dear readers, if you like to adopt a Teddy Bear or any other plush of the huge family, visit us here at Patreon and select your funding class. We will make all Teddy Bears and other plushes available for adopting. After we received your funding, you can choose your plush corresponding to the funding class in Patreon. If we receive enough funding we will also setup a funding gift shop website, where we can add more Teddy Bears, plushes and other beautiful gifts for you.

The funding will be used to build up our Novel Newspaper, Forum, McTeddy Foster Home Care website and more to come, all services and exclusive stories for your entertainment.

Thank You.


The Joker, Editor in Chief



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