Crash Bandicoot Wrath Cortex Game Rap Battle Dan Bull


Crash Bandicoot Wrath Cortex Game Rap Battle by Dan Bull vs SAV

Watch the awesome music video of the legendary Crash Bandicoot by Dan Bull vs SAV. Enjoy!

It was late in the afternoon, when I returned with Dr. Fard from our meeting with one advertiser, who decided to book our services to present one of their newest coffee drinks. This advertiser is the owner of Moonbucks Coffeehouse and is famous for their awesome and delicious coffee-beans.

Their coffee drink is in a new kind of metal can that can be heated by sunshine. Although this coffee tastes good cold as well, putting it in the sunshine for more than 5 minutes by a minimum temperature of +20c, makes it a delicious hot coffee. Well this is just awesome, as it saves you a lot of time to wait for the coffee to be made in the Coffeehouse, especially in the morning if we have not much time to wait for it, when going on business trips.

The advertiser booked us for 6 months, where we will promote their products in our stories to come. Furthermore we will test all their products and write reviews about them. Besides of getting paid well, we can test the products too and give them as a bonus to all our staff, who are more than happy to participate on the tests.

So this is a win for all sides, as we advertise their products through social media too. And my dear readers, would you like to be advertised with our stories to come? Do you believe you have what it takes to present us with products fitting our story world? New products we can write awesome reviews about. Perhaps you want to get Legend in our story world?

This all is possible, we are looking for advertisers and anyone who is interested to be a part of our story world. If you believe you are that person or business, feel free to contact us and make us your offer. Anything is possible. If we like your idea(s) and your offer is generous and helpful to fund us building this newspaper, there is a big chance you can be a part of this.

You can also visit us at Patreon and take part on the funding challenge. We have even special freebies for you! Have a look and get back to us. Let’s build great things together!


The Joker, Editor in Chief of The Daily Wealthy Affiliate


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